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Every business must have a sign to mark its place in their industry and community. However, signs are not just about telling customers where your store is. It is about finding the power in advertising that only signs can harness, and your business should not miss the opportunity to take your advertising to the next level in Detroit, MI.

Revamp your marketing strategy with business signage and gain promotional advantages you didn’t know were possible.


What type of signage are you looking for?

Work With a Trusted Business Sign Maker

If you’re beginning your journey to find signs for a business, it is important to work with a company that you can feel secure with, like Orion Signs and Graphics.

When it comes to creating unique, informative signs, our team of sign specialists is ready to be your partner in success. Our goal is to represent our partners’ brands authentically and deliver signage you are proud to display.

Through a friendly communicative approach, we make sure you know your business is our top priority, so you feel you’re in good hands.

How Can You Benefit from Business Signs?

When it comes to the uses of business signs, there are so many it makes investing in them a no brainer.

The main benefits are improved brand recognition and visibility. In other words, the more eyes on your brand, the more familiar your brand will become to customers, which makes them trust you.

Visibility is priceless for businesses. It expands your reach in your community, helps grab the attention of your target audience and fast-tracks success. There are many ways to increase your visibility, like illuminated signs if your business is open late or monument signs if your business is on a large plot of land. Use business signs to your advantage to make yourself seen.

If you include the same branding in all your signs, the elements that are unique to your business will be associated with it in the future. For example, use vivid colours, choose cool fonts, and include business information that will help your customers find you again. Make yourself memorable with amazing business signs.

Let's Find the Business Sign That is Right for You

Your business is more than just a name, logo, slogan, and the products or services you provide. It’s an experience. The types of signs you use to promote your business decidethe experience you create and how your customers interact with you. Each commercial sign speaks differently, with visual cues and text, which makes choosing the right kind of sign important to achieve your business goals.

Here are some of the options available to you:

Adding a personalized touch with custom business signs is the perfect way to show your customers who you truly are. Our sign specialists will take personal care of your corporate signage to capture the heart of your brand: who you are, what you stand for, and what solution you provide.

Signage Worth the Investment

There are so many options for interior and exterior business signs that they can’t all possibly be equal in price. Instead, the cost of business signs is a range so we can offer options that cater to our business partners uniquely.

During our initial consultation, we learn more about what you’re looking for so that our recommendations accomplish your business goals and stay within your budget. Our team will work with you to find the best solution in Detroit.

Looking for a Local Commercial Sign Company Near You?

Forbusiness signs near you, visit Orion Signs and Graphics, your one-stop shop in Detroit, Lake Orion, and Oxfordfor unique, impactful sign solutions.

When it comes to creating signs, your business is our number one priority. We know the importance of signs forbusinesses, as well as the effect they can have on marketing efforts. So, our goal is to createbeautiful signs that accomplish your marketing goals and inspire success.

Contact Orion Signs and Graphics today to schedule a consultation.