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We Manufacture and Install Outdoor Signs in Detroit, MI

Orion Graphics and Signs is your source for outdoor signs including building signs, lighted signs, storefront signs, monument signs, and more in Detroit, MI. Think of your outdoor business signage as the star player on your marketing and advertising team. It works around the clock. It attracts potential customers. It speaks volumes about your brand. It’s your outdoor sign and it’s a crucial part of your company’s marketing strategy.

Your business signage can be the deciding factor as to if a customer walks through your front doors or walks on by.

Don’t miss out on the exciting opportunity to catch customers’ attention and score more business with alluring exterior signage with the help of Orion Graphics & Signs in Detroit, MI.


What type of signage are you looking for?
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Outdoor signs are the perfect form of visual communication to make your business stand out, driving traffic and sales.

When you display your business name, logo, and slogan in a memorable way, customers will begin to recognize your brand when they see it – this is called brand recall. And eye-catching signs are one of the best ways to begin building it and contribute to a business’s success. For a bold statement, exterior lighted signs are a great way to catch attention. For an effective yet reusable solution, yard signs are an excellent option to consider.

Visibility is priceless, which is why outdoor business signage is one of the smartest investments you can make. These signs ensure that your business can be seen 24/7, which increases the number of individuals who will walk through your doors or research your business name online. Lighted signs allow your business to shine all day and all night, while pylon signs can be seen from miles away. It’s time to make your business visible and watch your sales soar!


If you’re looking for exterior signs in Detroit, Orion Signs and Graphics is your local sign company that can deliver big results. Located in Oxford MI, we’re home to an expert team of sign makers that are committed to making exterior building signs that fit the needs of your business goals.

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Outdoor signs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, fonts, and materials. With so many types of signs, each communicates with your target audience differently – making choosing the right sign an impactful decision. At Orion Signs and Graphics, we will discuss your overall business objectives and help you find the best signage to achieve your goals.

We offer the following types of outdoor business signs:

As outdoor sign solutions can be drastically different from each other, there is a range for the cost of outdoor signs. This means there is an option that caters perfectly to your business’s price range and preferences. Whichever sign solution you decide is the right choice for your business will be professionally manufactured by our sign specialists. If you’re having difficulty deciding which type is the best fit, we are happy to discuss your options in more detail with you during a free consultation.

Custom Signage for Tailored Results.

Why take a chance on your marketing strategy with standard signage when you can stand out from your competitors with custom outdoor signs? 

Customization includes everything from size to shape to illumination methods, which allows you to design your signage to perfectly match your brand guidelines. Let’s work together to create customized exterior building signs to represent your brand, bring in customers and boost your business.  

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If you’re looking for outdoor signs near you, look no further than Orion Signs and Graphics.

With state-of-the-art design equipment and a highly experienced team, we are ready to serve Oxford, Lake Orion and surrounding metro Detroit. We’re committed to a customer-centric approach. That means you can focus on your business while we take care of all your sign business.

Contact us today to schedule a free outdoor sign consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor signs are any type of signage that is displayed outside of a business. The purpose of this signage is to identify the business, attract customers, showcase its products and services, advertise any new promotions or upcoming events, and establish it in its community.

There are countless outdoor signs available to you, and each option has its own way of communicating, aesthetic, and appeal. If you’re looking for a classic sign, storefront signs, yard signs, or banners are excellent options. If you want to make a bold statement, illuminated signs, LED signs, or channel letters are the perfect options.

The longevity of your outdoor signs depends on the type of sign it is, the material used, the weather conditions it experiences, and the type of maintenance you do. Outdoor signs can last from a couple of months to several years, depending on the above factors.

Outdoor signs are incredibly durable, as they are made with materials that can withstand general wear and tear, weather conditions, and sun exposure. Materials such as metal, wood, aluminum, and acrylic are excellent options if you’re looking for a long-lasting, durable sign solution.

For all your outdoor signage needs, work with Orion Signs and Graphics. Our one-stop sign shop offers high-quality, innovative sign solutions that are catered to your business needs and preferences. Our friendly, communicative team works closely with you to ensure you’re proud to display the sign we make.

Yes! If you give Orion Signs and Graphics a call today, we will book your free consultation with one of our sign specialists and begin the process of creating outdoor signs for you. We will learn more about your business during the consultation, as well as provide you with recommendations and a quote.

You can get outdoor business signs at Orion Signs and Graphics. We service Detroit and surrounding areas, such as Auburn Hills, Flint, Oxford, and many others. Whether your business is just starting up or looking to upgrade your signage, we are ready to lend a helping hand.

The perfect size for an outdoor sign depends on the space that you have available to install it, as well as the type of sign you’re looking for. Once we have a better understanding of the intention for your outdoor signs, as well as where you would like them installed, we will be able to provide size recommendations for maximum visibility and readability.