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Window Film

Window Film in Detroit, MI

Windows are an essential part of any building, from homes to work facilities, as they provide natural lighting and a view of the outdoors. Yet, they do have drawbacks associated with them, such as allowing excessive heat loss or gain, glare, and UV damage. 

A simple, effective, and affordable way to reconcile these disadvantages is window film.


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It is a coating applied to glass that reduces the amount of sunlight that passes through it. It can provide cost savings by improving heat retention during the winter months and reduces heat exposure by blocking the sun. 

Orion Signs and Graphics is home to window tinting experts in Detroit, MI. With our passion for excellence, our team is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and techniques to service your business or home with window glass film.


The following are several window film options that are available for your business: 

  • Reflective film: This film contains reflective materials that reduce glare and solar heat, which is why it is commonly used for office buildings and facilities.
  • Dual-reflective film: For a more natural view compared to traditional reflective film, dual-reflective film provides heat and glare reduction, while also minimizing the interior reflectivity of the glass.
  • Frosted window film: This semi-translucent privacy film provides privacy while still allowing natural light to enter a space. It is perfect for bathrooms, conference or meetings rooms, and offices.
  • Patterned film: This film option includes intricate patterns that create a visually appealing look to any windows it is installed on.
  • One-way film: If you’re looking for one-way privacy, this option is the perfect solution, as it provides clear visibility from one side and opaque visibility from the other.
  • Decorative window film: Add a decorative element to any glass surface to create an aesthetic effect to your workspace.
  • Stained glass film: This film mimics the look of traditional stained glass, which produces an eye-catching, beautiful effect.
  • Etched glass film: Elevate your conference or meeting rooms with this frosted glass aesthetic.

Safety and security film: If your business is located in an area that is prone to destructive weather or behavior, feel safer with an extra layer of security on your windows that prevents breakage or shattering.


There are several deciding factors when selecting the right window film for your building, including your location, the size of your windows, the number of windows, and the reason you want window film for your office. 

At Orion Signs and Graphics, we will discuss each of these factors with you to help determine what kind is best for you, the cost of window film, and how your goals will be accomplished. Let’s get started today by scheduling a free consultation with one of our sign specialists.


While there are many benefits associated with windows for your business, there are also many drawbacks that you would have to deal with. However, the uses of window film are perfect solutions to address these drawbacks quickly and effectively. 

The following are some of the challenges that commercial window tinting addresses:

  • Heat Gain/Loss: During the summer months, windows may allow excess heat into your facility, which makes it very difficult to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Alternatively, during winter months, windows are an easy way for heat to escape, which results in more heating being necessary to keep everyone warm. Detroit window tinting reduces heat loss or gain, which results in energy savings your business didn’t know were possible.
  • Glare: Natural light is excellent, yet it also is the cause of glare, which can negatively affect your employees’ ability to work or see. Window film reduces the amount of glare that enters your business, which increases the amount of productive work time.
  • UV Damage: Excessive exposure to sunlight can result in UV damage to furniture, walls, wallpaper, floors, artwork, and much more. With the simple addition of office window tint, you can save valuable assets and increase their lifespan.
  • Lack of Privacy: While windows allow you to see out into the world, the world is also able to see in. If you’re worried about a lack of privacy, privacy window film is a great solution. Windows can be made to be translucent or opaque, depending on the level of privacy you desire.


For one of Detroit’s best window film makers, consider Orion Signs and Graphics. Whether you’re looking for protection and security or elevated aesthetics and energy savings, we will help guide you to find the best window film to achieve your business goals. 

Our team is ready to bring your window film vision to life. We don’t win until your business does, as your business’s success is our priority.

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