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Construction Signs

Construction Signs in Detroit

Safety is the top priority for businesses in many different industries, which means measures must be taken to create a safe, positive work environment. Signs are an efficient form of visual communication that can mean the difference between life and death at a construction site. Investing in construction safety signs is an effortless way to keep your employees safe and in-the-know.

Finding construction signs near you means finding a Detroit sign company that you can trust with such important signage. At Orion Signs and Graphics, we understand how imperative construction signs are to the overall success of a construction project. We want to help you keep others safe and focused with our informative, unique signs.


What type of signage are you looking for?


Any type of signage that is designed with the intention of reducing risk, accidents, or injuries on or around construction sites. Regardless of whether you are completing the construction on your own or with aconstruction business, or the project is small or large, proper safetysignage is required.

Construction signs come in many shapes, sizes, and forms, as each type of signage communicates its own message. From safety guidelines to overhead hazards to detour road signs, there are many types of signs that are needed to keep a construction area safe. Their main purpose is to highlight all these hazards, whether they are obvious or not to individuals who areon the site or passing by.

Displaying proper construction site signs is also required by law. Prevent health and safety issues, which can result in fines or charges, by ensuring your business has all the signage necessary to ensure your construction is up to code.


Does your Detroit construction site have hazards that are unique to your project? Are there guidelines or expectations that you have for your employees and site guests that need to be followed?

Custom construction signsare a fantastic way to communicate clearly and efficiently with anyone who may step foot on your construction site. They provide the opportunity to display specific information or unique rules that may not be familiar to construction site workers or guests.

Don’t let standard signage rule your construction site. Take control of communication and safety with custom signage.


When it comes to safety, Orion Signs and Graphics is your go-to sign company in Detroit, Lake Orion, and Oxford. We understand that signage can be the difference between a good day and a bad one at work, so we are committed to making your business a safe and trustworthy place for employees, clients, and customers alike with the right commercial signs.

Our sign specialists are known for their collaborative approach to creating informativeconstruction signsthat truly accomplishes your goals and represents your brand. We are ready to transform your business into a safe, memorable place of work. Are you?

Contact us today to begin discussing your new construction signs.