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Real Estate Signs in Detroit

Although print advertising may seem like a fading media form, there are some industries that rely heavily on it for their marketing strategy, one of which being real estate. Attracting attention for open houses and informing target audiences of your business is made much easier when using the right kind of real estate signs.

The standard protocol for real estate marketing has been eye-catching, informative signs that standout, and the success these signs have is the reason why they are continually chosen.

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What type of signage are you looking for?


Commercial real estate signs come in many different shapes and sizes, and each type has a different purpose. They assist real estate agents in communicating valuable information to potential buyers and expand their reach in the market.

When you’re deciding what kind of real estate sign to choose, it’s best to know your options:

  • Real estate yard signs:This signage is excellent to accentuate the house that you’re in charge of selling or an open house you’re hosting. The placement of the sign in the yard draws attention to the house.
  • A-frame signs:For a portable, easy-to-use outdoor sign solution, a-frame signs are the perfect choice. They include important messaging, are easy to collapse and transport, and very good at attracting attention amongst foot traffic.
  • Open house signs: When hosting an open house, a “for sale” sign is not enough to attract potential buyers to the location. Open house signs include all the necessary information for the event and are positioned in high traffic areas.
  • Hanging real estate signs:These signs serve the same purpose as a yard sign; however, they present a more elegant, elevated look, which can positively impact the way a potential buyer feels.
  • Directional signs: Whether a wayfinding sign or a directional arrow, these signs are critical to guiding customers to the right destination and boosting your business.

One option that should always be considered is custom real estate signs. This option allows you to dictate every element of your signage to ensure it reflects your business’s brand accurately and displays your information exactly how you would like. Take control of your marketing strategy by choosing personalization over standardization.

If you’re unsure whether customized signage is for you, our sign specialists are happy to walk you through the elements that you’re able to choose and why customized signs may be the right choice for you. Additionally, our consultation will also include aquote for the cost of real estate signs, so that we can match the right kind of signage to your budget as well.


Here are some of the benefits associated with real estate signs:

  • Advertise your business: Utilize old fashioned signage to target potential customers who live in the area or house hunters that scout out locations by driving through neighborhoods.
  • Durability: Signs are your 24/7 employee, as they are constantly advertising and communicating with potential clients. They stand strong and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.
  • Boosts your business: By combining online marketing and signage, real estate agents are succeeding in the housing industry. Don’t solely rely on online marketing to boost your sales, but instead utilize captivating signage as well.
  • Duality: Not only do real estate signs guide customers to your real estate properties or open houses, but they also provide a clear way for customers to find you. By incorporating contact information, you will gain clients solely from your signs.

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