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Environmental Graphics

Environmental Graphics

Does your business need to communicate messages in a cohesive way? Looking to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who walks through your front doors? You should consider environmental graphics, as it may be the marketing tool for you!

So, what are environmental graphics? They are visual elements used in physical spaces to relay information, create a chosen atmosphere, or promote a brand or message. They can include signs, murals, graphics, and other design elements that enhance the environment and user experience.

If you’re looking for an office design company to handle your signage, consider partnering with Orion Signs and Graphics! We help businesses in Lake Orion, Oxford, Detroit, and more to provide the graphics  they need to succeed.



What type of signage are you looking for?


When it comes to office design, it can be hard to decide what look speaks to you and gets your brand message across effectively. That’s why partnering with a sign and graphics company you can trust is so important. We’ll assist you in coming up with the right message and give you a modern office design that is unlike any other business.

We offer:

  • Wall Murals: Transform your office interior and showcase your brand by creating an immersive experience for your customers. From calming landscapes to bold graphics, the possibilities are endless.
  • Window Graphics: Make a statement, promote your business, and create a welcoming atmosphere. These graphics can be used for privacy, branding, or to add some much-needed décor to your business.
  • Floor Graphics: Use durable and slip-resistant graphics to guide people to exits, promotions, lines, bathrooms, and more! It’s a creative way to engage with clients.
  • Digital Displays: Bring your space to life with dynamic displays that can be used for advertising, entertainment, or to inform clients about new services. This modern office design is an excellent way to keep up with the digital trends we see in advertising.

Since there are several kinds of office interior design options, the cost of environmental signs depends on the size, complexity of the design, and materials used. The investment ends up being worth it in the end, as it will show your employees and clients that you take your business and your reputation seriously. So, take the time to think about your modern office interior design ideas.



Environmental signs are a great way to reinforce your brand and create a cohesive look for your business. They can be customized with a business’s logo, messaging, and any other important information that businesses decide is essential to display.

From helping customers navigate your space, to promoting sales and events, to educating customers about your company, they are an excellent marketing tool. While it’s crucial to have exterior signage or lobby signage so you can inform your clients of your location, this type of office branding is equally important. It’s a great way to set your business apart from the crowd, increase foot traffic, and achieve higher revenue.


Orion Signs and Graphics understands that every business needs something different, which is why we fully customize all your modern office signs. Our team of experts work closely with you to create a design that will keep your employees motivated and your customers engaged. There’s no need to search for another environmental design agency, because we’ve got all your needs covered.

Ready to elevate your Detroit business? Contact us today to work on your corporate office branding solutions!