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Hotel Signs

Hotel Signs

We are specializes in hotel signs for wayfinding and directions. We are in the business of crafting exquisite signs that complement your brand and ultimately in Detroit, Troy and Michigan area. People form opinions about a business in as little as seven seconds, and those opinions determine the outcome of future interactions. Make the right first impression by uplifting your establishment’s visual appeal with attractive hotel signs.

Acquire the custom hotel signs you need under one roof at Orion Signs and Graphics. We have one of the largest selections of indoor, outdoor, and portable signs, meaning we have your perfect sign solution; it’s just a matter of finding it.

Whether you need brand-accurate signs for a chain hotel or creative designs for a boutique hotel, we are the team for you in Detroit, Troy, MI. Book a free consultation today.


What type of signage are you looking for?
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Why Are Brand Signs for Hotels & ADA Hotel Signs Important?

The right signs can create memorable experiences and directly impact your business’s bottom line. Here’s why branded and ADA signs are vital:

  • Comply with local health and safety regulations with ADA signs
  • Tastefully brand your space to make it stand out
  • Maximize advertising opportunities with promotional signs
  • Direct guests to rooms, bathrooms, elevators, and more with directional signs
  • Make a strong first impression with premium entrance signs
  • Ensure guests’ safety with in-room fire signage
  • Offer an upscale experience, such as with “Do Not Disturb” hanging signs

Customize your different hotel signs to suit your establishment, showcase how you operate, and embody your brand. From priority check-in signs to eye-catching lobby signs, we are your one-stop shop for hotel signs in Detroit, Troy, MI.

Hospitality Signs

The hospitality industry is all about creating a memorable experience that leaves each guest feeling special. By branding hotel rooms with custom hospitality signage, you will create the right experience for all your hotel guests.

At Orion Signs and Graphics, we design, prepare, and install personalized room numbers, fire escape signs, and a wide range of other guest-centric signs. You will work with a creative design team that takes the time to understand your brand and décor, allowing them to capture your business’s essence.

Hotel Room Number Signs

Clearly demarcate rooms with high-quality room number signs. We make signs from aluminum, acrylic, wood, brass, and other materials. Choose from a variety of styles to design signs that match your decor.

Hotel Door Signs

From ‘Privacy Please’ signs hung on doorknobs to doorbell signs, we offer them all. Spend time with an expert team to receive valuable insight on how to enhance guest experiences with sign solutions.

Vintage Motel Signs

Looking to recreate a retro motel visual? Our pylon, monument, and outdoor entrance signs are ideal for creating a traditional motel look. We design and build LED neon signs, channel letters, lighted signs, and other retro motel signs.

ADA Hotel Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires most hotels and lodging businesses to install ADA-compliant signs. Not only will we identify the signs you need to install, but we will also customize them with your branding when you choose to work with us.

Hotel Road Sign

Looking to attract fast-moving traffic? Want to make your hotel easier to identify in a crowded area? Tall road signs are a great way to tower above your competitors and be seen by potential customers near and far.

Work with One of the Top Hotel Signage Companies in MI

Orion Signs and Graphics is the trusted partner for hospitality establishments across Detroit, Troy and Michigan. Enjoy a seamless signage experience and exceptional customer service when you choose us for your signs. You will work with a knowledgeable team that will guide you on all aspects of your signage and help you realize maximum value from your investments.

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