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Branding Beyond Words: The Power of Visual Communication in Signs

Visual Communication in Signs

The concept of signage is simple: you use signs to convey messages, connect with customers, and create experiences. But how exactly do signs help you accomplish that? In this blog, find out more about visual communication in signs and how you can better communicate with your customers.

What is Visual Communication in Signs?

Having a business name and a good relationship with customers are essential, but they are only a small piece of the marketing puzzle. For every business, whether yours is a mom-and-pop corner store or a large B2B company, branding matters.

Visual communication allows you to use a combination of decor, branding, and advertising to connect with customers. In other words, you are conveying your business’s ethos and presence through design elements. That’s where signage comes into the picture. Custom signage and brand visuals are the means of communicating visually.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Visual Branding

Projecting a cohesive brand image is vitally important for your business. Your branding is what will help you stand out in your community. It will set the stage for your first interaction; most people judge a brand within seven seconds, which is why you need to put your best foot forward.

Appealing branding also has a direct impact on your business’s reputation. Surveys have found that people associate the quality of a business’s visual branding with the quality of its products and services. Entrepreneur magazine even reports that people are more likely to shop from brands they trust.

Visual Storytelling Through Signs

Using a combination of messages, colors, images, graphics, and lighting, you can achieve a lot. Mission statement signs installed in your office, for instance, both decorate the space and communicate your business’s mission. Lobby signs, similarly, are used to tastefully decorate the entrance, welcome visitors, and build brand awareness.

Visual storytelling through signs is as much an art as it is a science. Everything from the colors you choose to the messages you write will have an impact on a visitor’s experience. That’s why it’s advisable you work with experts who understand the visual impact of signs.

How Can Signage and Brand Visuals Help Your Business?

Used correctly, signs can help you unlock the power of visual branding. Here are some ways how:

  • Grow brand recognition: Create a cohesive brand identity that makes your business more familiar to customers.
  • Build trust: Promote a sense of professionalism and build confidence with customers.
  • Boost employee morale: Help employees build a sense of pride and belonging in the business.
  • Leverage intangible value: Consolidate and protect your business’s intangible intellectual property value.

Harness the Power of Visual Communication in Signs

Visual communication is much more than putting your logo, business name, and brand colours on a sign. It’s about presenting a cohesive experience that reflects and represents your business.

Maximize the visual impact of signs and obtain the value you expect from every sign with the help of Orion Signs and Graphics. Our team spends the time necessary to understand your needs and help you identify the right signage options to deliver the value you expect.

Book a free consultation to discuss designs that reflect your ethos and transform your business.

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