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Design Tips for Digital Signs

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Digital signs have been game changers in signage. They make people linger around your store longer, influence purchase decisions, and even unlock potential new revenue streams. But getting the most value from your signs requires choosing the right design.

In this blog, we’ll give you tips on how to design effective signs and offer more insight on why working with a digital sign company is the best idea.

Digital Signage Solutions 101

Digital signage for advertising is a broad term for a range of signs, including LED signs, video panels, LED door signs, and more. Some are basic illuminated signage, whereas others showcase rolling text; however, the most advanced digital signage can display high-resolution video.

Tips for Designing Effective Digital Signs

Pay Attention to Contrast on Your Illuminated Signage

When designing your sign, make sure the contrast between the fontcolor and background color is sufficient. The goal is to prevent these two elements from becoming blended together by ensuring the text is prominent. This will guarantee that your sign is legible and readable from near and far.

Keep Fonts Simple on LED Signs

While cursive fonts may look more appealing on paper, they are best avoided on your sign. Cursive, also known as serif fonts, are harder to read, especially at a glance.

This is why we recommend choosing san serif fonts to make the sign as effortless to read as possible. You can also consider using bold text to enhance readability even further!

Choose the Right Colors for the Sign and Its Lighting

Colors don’t just affect appearance; they also set the stage for any interaction. Colors evoke specific emotions, which is why the ones you choose should be selected intentionally. Another approach is to use colors that match or complement your branding, as this will positively contribute to brand recognition.

The lighting color of your sign will also impact the sign’s contrast. To make sure the sign is legible with or without illumination, use a digital template before entering the production stage. A digital sign company will be able to show you how the sign will look in a digital template before you finalize the design. This allows you to catch any mistakes before it’s too late to change them.

Keep Messages on Your Signs Short and Snappy

It’s tempting to maximize the information offered on your signs, but doing this will draw onlookers’ attention away from what matters most. This is why having a clear idea of why you’re installing the sign is so important; the goal of your sign will guide your text selection.

Work with a Proven Digital Signage Partner

There are many moving parts for digital signs: the sign itself, the user interface, user training, and the software to control it, if applicable. Having an experienced team that pays attention to the little things can make all the difference to your signage experience.

Book a free consultation to find out why Orion Signs and Graphics should be your go-to signage partner for digital signage solutions.

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