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Get Full or Partial Vehicle Wrapping in Vinyl Material

Full vinyl wrap on Coca Cola truck

Are you looking to increase the visibility of your local business? Vehicle wraps are a unique, impactful way to do so. Your brand will be made visible to a wider audience as a result of this effective marketing strategy. This gives you a better advantage over your competitors, as these wraps engage with customers on and off the road.

Unlock marketing potential by transforming your company vehicles with creative graphics. At Orion Signs and Graphics, we create stunning, world-class custom wraps, as we know how important attracting attention is for your business. Vehicle graphics are billboards on wheels, which means your one-time mobile investment is long-lasting and effective.

Interested in trying this marketing strategy? Keep reading to learn more about why vehicle wraps are a great signage option for your business.


So, why is it important for businesses to take advantage of wraps? These signage solutions are valuable tools when it comes to marketing. Read on to find out why!


It’s normal for people to pay attention to unusual vehicles as they are not part of the norm. With imaginative designs, vibrant colors, and strategic placement, these signage solutions know how to demand attention.


By applying vehicle wraps to your company van wraps, you can communicate with people in your service area. In addition, prospective customers will have the impression that you are in high demand, constantly active, and deserving of their business.


Wraps can be seen by everyone, so it’s important to choose fun graphics, clear images, and easily read-lettering. When people drive or walk past your vehicles, they will be compelled to look, which may pique their curiosity to learn more about your business.


So, what distinguishes custom truck wraps from billboards? Mobility is the key to their effectiveness. By frequently appearing in new locations, you can extend your audience and impact! Whether cross-country or around your community, mobile advertising is an excellent way to continuously advertise to new people.


Protecting your vehicle is one of the most unexpected benefits of vehicle wraps. In addition to making a statement and attracting attention, your wrap shields the paint from rust, road debris, and rocks. Also, if you ever decide to have the vehicle wrap removed, the original paint will be like new underneath.


Whether you are interested in full or partial vehicle wraps, Orion Signs and Graphics makes it our mission to exceed our customers’ expectations. We pair that dedication to quality customer service with high-quality custom signage solutions and state-of-the-art technology. What does that leave you with? Wraps that turn impressions into revenue.

We know how important it is to strike a perfect balance between making a lasting impression and showing off a stylish design for your signage. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our expert wrap services.

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