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Get Notices With Custom Building Signs For Your Business

custom building signs for commercial business

Making a strong first impression is important for any business—there are no second chances. This first point of contact introduces your business to your customers and helps you establish a relationship with them.

Commercial business signs are often placed outside, making them your target market’s initial point of contact. With only a few seconds to capture the attention of passersby, your signage utilizes vivid colours, fun graphics, and informative lettering to pique their interest and draw them through your front doors.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go far to find world-class building sign makers – Orion Signs and Graphics is dedicated to offering high-quality sign solutions that will set your company apart.



  • CUSTOM CRAFTED: Stand out from your competitors by saying no to streamlined, pre-designed signage, and instead choose custom storefront sign design. Whether you incorporate two different kinds of signage, such as an awning sign with hanging signs, or seamlessly integrate your branding into the sign design, going custom is the perfect way to represent your business.
  • MURAL, ANYONE? An eye-catching and charming mural on your building not only draws attention but also transforms an otherwise dull wall into a highly appealing feature. From paint to digitally created designs, there are many ways to use murals to elevate your building exterior.
  • WHY HAVE ONE WHEN YOU CAN HAVE TWO: If one storefront sign is effective, two may be twice as effective. Choose wisely to ensure that your signage options work well together to draw the most attention possible. For example, install window graphics to target daytime customers, while illuminated channel letters can target night-time customers.
  • GO TO THE SOURCE FOR YOUR INSPIRATION: If you want your signs to accentuate a specific aesthetic, go straight to the source. Research companies that are doing well, trends that embody your brand aesthetic, and draw inspiration from the world around you.


  • ADDED DIMENSION: As they stand out from the wall they are mounted upon, these pin-mounted letters really “pop” and add the illusion of extra space to any indoor area.
  • LIVING LETTERS: Bring nature into your building with a stunning, living wall. The vibrant green moss provides a vibrantly coloured and textured backdrop for these pin-mounted letters.
  • SIMPLE ELEGANCE: Elegant silver letters, in a fascinating typeface, set against a dark backdrop offer a powerful, chic aesthetic.


  • GO DIGITAL: Not only will a digital pylon sign demand attention, but a digital display will give you the freedom to keep your message fresh.No need to struggle to find a timeless message when you can change it as much as you want on a digital screen.
  • SIMPLY EFFECTIVE: The less complicated the signage, the more effective it is. As pylon signs are mounted so high in the air, making them simple and easy to read is the best move. Keep your signage simple with your business name, logo, and recognizable branding.
  • VISIBILITY MATTERS: Given the value of visibility, the height of pylon signs is impactful and effective for marketing. Not only are they seen from afar, but pylon signs are also a great way to guide customers to you, regardless of the time of day.


At Orion Signs and Graphics, we understand that each business has unique business needs that can be accomplished with signage. Our talented sign specialists are ready to lend a helping hand to find your perfect outdoor sign solution that accommodates both your needs and your budget.

Give us a call today to book your free consultation or to speak with one of our sign specialists.

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