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Maximizing Business Exposure: How Commercial Signs Boost Visibility

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Nearly 8 out of 10 American shoppers say they have visited businesses because their commercial signs caught their eye. This proves that signage is a powerful marketing tool for businesses that allows them to attract attention and differentiate themselves from competitors.

In this blog, we’ll explore how commercial signs in Detroit will help your business get noticed by shoppers.

5 Ways Commercial Signs Help You Boost Visibility

  1. Make a Strong First Impression

Commercial signage solutions are some of the first visual touch points for your business. Before they see anything else, people will see your signs and evaluate your business based on them. It is important to invest in eye-catching, informative, and attractive signage to entice potential customers.

In a survey, FedEx found that 76% of people enter an establishment they have never been to before based on its signs. The reverse is true, too. People are wary of entering a business that doesn’t have appealing signage, which negatively impacts the company.

  1. Acting as 24/7 Advertising for Your Business

Using your signs for advertising is a great visibility-boosting marketing strategy. Outdoor advertising promotes your business round-the-clock and helps you get noticed by shoppers. You can even include lighting options in your signs to maximize visibility during the evening or low lighting conditions.

The best part is that there is little-to-no recurring cost for advertising. Unlike billboards that can cost thousands every month, you only have to foot the initial upfront cost of a sign.

  1. Make an Impact with Commercial Signs in Detroit

Head-turning signs don’t just attract attention to your business; they make an impact in your local community. Detroit’s bustling marketplaces and vibrant communities give you the space to express your creativity. Use your signs to display stunning designs and showcase your brand.

  1. Make Your Signs Fit Your Needs

Take the time to create unique designs for your signs, instead of investing in standardized signage. When you work with a full-service partner like Orion Signs and Graphics, you have tremendous freedom in customizing your commercial signage solutions.

Our team helps businesses like yours modify everything, such as style, size, shape, lighting, colors, and more. We make it easy for you to create a sign that accurately reflects your brand and embodies your business.

  1. Go Beyond Static Signs

One of the fastest-growing visibility-boosting marketing strategies is using electronic signs. These dynamic signs allow you to change the messaging at the click of a button and offer complete freedom over what you want to display and when. You can show an advertising video for one minute and a promotional offer for the next.

Here’s a top-tier tip: Work with an experienced partner who can set up the software and program the sign for you. While these signs aren’t difficult to use, the initial unfamiliarity can make it harder to enjoy the full use of your sign. Dive right in and unlock the full benefits with help from a sign specialist.

Take Outdoor Advertising to the Next Level with Orion Signs and Graphics

Commercial signs are powerful marketing tools that can help you boost branding, advertise better, and create memorable customer experiences. However, to maximize the impact of your signs, you need to design them right. That’s where our team comes in. We help businesses like yours find cost-effective options that deliver value and create head-turning designs.

Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with a Detroit-based signage expert.

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