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Signage for Small Businesses: Making Your Mark in a Big Way

Custom small business signage

As a small business owner, every investment in marketing needs to benefit you in some way. Whether it ‘sprints or small business signage, your marketing strategy needs to deliver real value for your business.

With this blog, we’ll help you learn how to do just that. It will cover the impact of signs on small businesses, as well as explain how you can get the most value out of your signs.

5 Ways Small Business Signage Delivers Real Value

  • Building brand awareness: People being unaware of what your business offers is one of the biggest challenges that small businesses face. Fortunately, you can maximize visibility with signs and present your branding to a large audience.
  • Getting people to visit your business: Signs are proven to increase foot traffic. 76% of surveyed Americans say they have entered a store simply because they liked its signs.
  • Boosting your sales: One of the biggest goals for a small business is growing sales, and 68% of American shoppers admit to having been persuaded by what they have seen on signs.
  • Establishing trust: Effective signage for small companies helps put your best foot forward. Shoppers associate the quality of a business with the quality of the products and services the business offers.
  • Affordable advertising options: Unlike billboards, which can cost $3,500 per month in Oxford, MI, signs unlock affordable advertising. You can easily transform storefront windows and commercial vehicles into large advertisements for a one-time investment.

Designing and Installing Effective Signage for Small Companies

Unless you have experience with branding for small businesses, it’s advisable you speak to an experienced signage team. Expert signage professionals are equipped to help you find the right options, create appealing designs, and advise on the messages you should display. An Oxford-based team, like Orion Signs and Graphics, will also know the local market well and be able to advise on local by laws, if any apply to your signs.

With that said, here are a few tips for maximizing the impact of signs on your small business:

  • Prepare a signage plan for your premises.
  • Have a clear purpose for each sign (branding, advertising, or wayfinding).
  • Use consistent designs that reflect your branding on every sign.
  • Ensure signs reflect your business and meet your customers’ expectations.
  • Use LEDs for lighting for greater longevity and lower running costs.

Start Maximizing Visibility with the Right Signs

Looking to get started with just the basics right now? Here are a few essential signs you should consider when branding your small business:

These options are great to have in your business’s signage toolkit. They maximize branding, create unlimited advertising opportunities, and can be installed in countless locations.

Helping Businesses Like Yours Succeed with Small Business Signage

At Orion Signs and Graphics, we would love to be part of your small business’s growth story. You will work with a team that shares your passion and brings a can-do attitude to every project.

Book a free consultation to discuss your needs, identify cost-effective options, and start designing your dream signs today.

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